Dr. Natasha Mello is an educational consultant and founder of STEM Learning Consulting (STEMLC), LLC. She holds a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and M.Sc. in STEM Education from Tufts University, and a Ph.D. in Engineering Education from Purdue University. Natasha’s work centers on research efforts around engineering teamwork and professional development of STEM instructors. Her research includes team-centered topics such as online collaboration, workflow management, psychological safety, and group communication. She provides professional development through her work with faculty members on helping to integrate educational technology as part of their instruction as well as informal knowledge dissemination as the creator and co-host of the Reflective Teaching in a Digital Age podcast series.

Dr. Nicole Pitterson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Engineering Education at Virginia Tech. She holds a B.Sc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Technology, Jamaica, a M.Sc. in Manufacturing Engineering from Western Illinois University, and a Ph.D. in Engineering Education from Purdue University. Upon completion of her doctoral degree, Dr. Pitterson worked as a postdoctoral research scholar at Oregon State University. Her research interests include difficult concepts in engineering, increasing students’ conceptual understanding of circuit concepts, and promoting collaboration through using active learning strategies. Dr. Pitterson is dedicated to bridging the gap between theoretical concepts with practical applications. She also aims to guide students to develop critical understanding of core engineering concepts that goes beyond rote memorization so that they can adapt to the changing demands of a global workforce.