Season 3 : Episode 5 - Published December 8, 2022

Teaching Ethics in Engineering with Dr. Qin Zhu

Helping engineering students develop an ethical mindset as part of their professional preparation is a complex endeavor that requires thoughtful approaches to curriculum development and teaching. In this episode Dr. Qin Zhu talks to us about practical ways of teaching about ethics in engineering classes and developing relevant assessments of student learning as part of engineering education.

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Dr. Zhu is Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Education and Affiliate Faculty in the Department of Science, Technology & Society and the Center for Human-Computer Interaction at Virginia Tech. Dr. Zhu is also serving as Associate Editor for Science and Engineering Ethics, Associate Editor for Studies in Engineering Education, Editor for International Perspectives at the Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science, and Executive Committee Member of the International Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum. Dr. Zhu's research interests include engineering ethics, global and international engineering education, engineering cultures, and the ethics of human-robot interaction and artificial intelligence.