Season 2 : Episode 4 - Published May 24, 2021

The Art Of Teaching Engineering with Dr. John Morelock

Making sense of engineering faculty’s needs for the transition to the “new normal” of instruction is a challenging endeavor. Teaching online, face-to-face or in hybrid modes present different advantages as well as complexities. Dr. John Morelock talks to us about his experiences supporting engineering faculty during their shift to online teaching and later helping to transition to the hybrid method of instruction.

Reference(s) mentioned in this episode:

NSF EEC-RAPID: Using SenseMaker® to Investigate Complex Dynamics in Social Systems to Inform Agile, Real-Time Policy-Responses in Times of Crisis


Dr. Morelock is an Assistant Professor of Practice with an emphasis on engineering education research, and EETI’s Associate Director of Educational Innovation and Impact. In addition to coordinating EETI’s faculty development programming, Dr. Morelock conducts research on institutional change via faculty development, with an emphasis on innovative ways to cultivate and evaluate supportive teaching and learning networks in engineering departments and colleges. He received his doctoral degree in Engineering Education at Virginia Tech, where he was a recipient of the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. His dissertation studied the teaching practices of engineering instructors during game-based learning activities, and how these practices affected student motivation.