Season 2 : Episode 1 - Published February 05, 2021

Teaching Engineering Design Online: Challenges and Opportunities with Dr. Robin Adams

The interplay between learning goals, instructional support, and affordances of online technology can create a new learning environment for experimenting with what matters most and rethinking habits we have gotten into. Dr. Robin Adams talks to us about her personal experience of teaching engineering design online for the first time. She thoughtfully reflects on instructional decisions she had to make to help students navigate virtual teamwork workflows and successfully complete design challenges.


Dr. Robin S. Adams is a Professor in the School of Engineering Education at Purdue University. The recipient of a 2008 NSF Career Award, a Design Studies best paper award (2003), and the Journal of Engineering Education's Wickenden Award for best paper (2007), Dr. Adams is a national leader in researching interdisciplinary thinking and design learning, in connecting research and practice, and in building research capacity in engineering education. She leads the Institute for Scholarship on Engineering Education as part of the Center for the Advancement of Engineering Education and was an invited participant at the 2010 Frontiers of Engineering Education symposium.