Season 2 : Episode 6 - Published August 31

Supporting Student Learning In the "New Normal" of Teaching with Dr. Brent Jesiek

Opportunities and limitations presented by leveraging multiple modalities of teaching provide a point of reflection for how to build an effective learning environment that addresses diverse needs of learners. In this conversation, Dr. Brent Jesiek shares his insights about approaches to assessment (online and offline), accessibility issues, finding ways to better connect school learning to workplace learning, and building trust with students.


Dr. Brent Jesiek is a professor at Purdue university with appointments in Engineering education and electrical and computer engineering. Prof. Jesiek draws on expertise from engineering, computing, and the social sciences to investigate geographic, disciplinary, and historical variations in engineering education and professional practice. His current research portfolio includes studies focused on global competency and boundary spanning in engineering practice, perceptions of ethics and social responsibility among undergraduate engineering students, and the history of electrical and computer engineering education. He primarily identifies with qualitative research traditions, but has also carried out studies using quantitative and mixed methods approaches.